We are FSC registered.
This means we believe in Responsible Forest Management, which provides a way of using trees and non- timber forest products to meet people’s ever-increasing need for lumber, paper and other products without degrading forest ecosystems.

The forest is well maintained under FSC certification guidelines to assure it remains healthy and productive.
Trees are selected from FSC forests so as to not cause undue damage to the ecosystem.

Harvested areas are replanted and maintained to keep the forest and surrounding lands healthy, vibrant and productive.
Being FSC is important to us, because it means we are doing our best to protect the environment around us.

Environmentally Appropriate

Protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation Value forests

Socially Beneficial

Respecting the rights of workers,communities and indigenous peoples.

Economically Viable

Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.